Discover Your Money-Making Keywords With An SEO Audit

the go-to choice for growth-minded dentists aiming to:

  • Consistently attract more ready-to-buy patients from Google

  • Audit their website & Transform It to a money-making Asset

  • Compare their online presence to their competition

  • Get a second opinion about their current agency

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It All Starts With An SEO Audit

Discover your website rankings, uncover new money-making keyword opportunities, and analyze competitor strategies. Visualize your unique landscape to attract more customers from Google and transform your website into a revenue-generating asset.

Step 1

See Where Your Website Ranks

Gain valuable insights into your website's rankings and visibility compared to your competitors.

Step 2

See Where You Are Missing Out

Uncover untapped money-making opportunities and identify valuable keywords you're not ranking for.

Step 3

See What You Are Up Against

Discover the top-performing pages of your competitors and what makes them successful.

Audits typically take 3-5 business days to complete. Included is a complimentary 30-minute SEO Audit Call with our specialist, who will review the audit with you to create a custom marketing plan based on our findings.

This Website & SEO Audit Is Perfect For:

  • Dentist actively generating leads from their website

  • Dentist seeking the best investment to drive growth

  • Dentists ready to take on 10 new patients monthly

  • Dentist aiming to rank higher on Google Maps

  • Dentist competing in a crowded local market

  • Dentists eager & Ready to grow their practice

  • Dentists with revenue Less Than $1MM Annually

  • Dentists who don’t know who their competition is

  • Dentists looking to for another “free download”

  • Dentists without a current marketing budget

  • Dentists who “rely on word of mouth”

  • Dentists who think SEO is a scam

Your Roadmap To Revenue-Growth

Fire Media Group offers a simple 3-step process to transform your website into a revenue-generating asset, consistently and profitably attracting new customers from Google.

Step 1

SEO Audit

Discover opportunities and create a marketing plan. Gain a clear picture of what's holding you back and the steps to reach your goals.

Step 2

Website CRO

Relaunch your website or fix the issues identified in your SEO audit and maximize your marketing campaigns & investments.

Step 3


Launch your search marketing campaigns and start attracting new ready-to-buy patients and measure your ROI in real-time.

Our Approach is Proven

With targeted search marketing, we bring not just any patients, but the right ones to you, who are ready-to-buy.

Our Average Clinic Adds $60,000+ In Less Than 90 Days of Working With Us:

10+ New Invisalign Patients Every Month For Smiles Orthodontics

Smiles Orthodontics enjoys consistent new high-value Invisalign patient starts each month through our integrated SEO and PPC approach, enhancing their overall revenue.

  • Steady flow of 10+ new Invisalign starts monthly.

  • SEO and PPC to attract ready-to-buy patients.

  • Estimated at $65,000+ monthly boost.

SEO Domination & New Patient Flow for Stoney Creek Dental

Stoney Creek Dental has seen a transformative increase in new patients thanks to our local SEO expertise. By positioning them as the leading dental practice in their community, we've significantly boosted their patient appointments.

  • Dominating emergency dentist searches in their city

  • Boosted patient appointments and practice growth

  • Local SEO and PPC increased new patient flow

20 New Patients Every Month Consistently for Sage Dental

By redesigning Sage Dental's website we maximized their and conversions and ad spend, they now attracts 20+ new patients monthly through Google Ads (PPC) and SEO.

  • Google Ads (PPC) drives 20 new patients monthly

  • Consistent flow of Invisalign & Implant patients

  • Achieved and surpassed first-year targets

We're Dental Marketing Specialists

We work with all types of local service businesses, from startups launching their first operation to established businesses looking to scale up.

If your patients are searching for your services; we'll make you their 1st choice.

Startups & Relaunches

From branding to securing your first patient, we cover it all. We're veterans in launching dental clinics from scratch.

Dentists Ready To Scale

For established dentist looking to explode their revenue and capture more higher-value opportunities every month.

Dominate Your Industry

Experienced in dental search marketing, we can tailor our strategies to fit your unique needs and specialization.

Why Fire Media Group Is #1

We keep it simple and profitable. We do what it takes to drive the top-line on your business. Our proven process and search marketing strategies will bring you new patients consistently.

Done-For-You Services

We take care of every aspect of your search marketing. We cover everything from strategy development to implementation and optimization, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Our Process Is Proven

Experience the power of our proven process that consistently delivers results. With a track record of success, we know how to drive meaningful growth.

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize your goals and objectives, working closely with you to create customized solutions that align with your unique business needs and deliver exceptional results.

Three Simple & Profitable Strategies

We combine premium SEO-optimized websites with ROI tracking, targeted PPC campaigns, and SEO strategies to attract new patients with cash in hand.

SEO-Optimized Websites

Boost your online visibility while tracking every dollar generated through your website and marketing investments.

New Patients Now with PPC

Start gaining new patients now with Google Ads. Capture inbound leads who are actively searching to buy your services.

Steady Patient Flow with SEO

Invest in your clinic's future by securing a top position on Google for a consistent, organic influx of new patients.

Real Reviews, Real Results


Launch or Relaunch your Website and Get a Steady Stream of New Patients with SEO & PPC

Elevate your online presence with a premium, SEO-optimized WordPress website and get a steady stream of warm inbound patient lead generation (20+/month) with Google Ads (PPC) and Rank #1 on Google with revenue-generating SEO to claim market share and dominate your competition.

Starting at: $6,799 + $3,359/month


Launch or Relaunch your Website & Get New Patients Immediately with Google Ads (PPC)

Launch a premium, SEO-ready WordPress website, conversion-optimized to generate warm inbound patient leads (20+/month) with Google Ads (PPC).

Starting at: $6,799 + $1075/month


Get New Patients Immediately with Google Ads (PPC)

Generate immediate warm inbound patient leads (20+/month) and measure your ROI in real-time with conversion tracking.

Starting at: $945/month

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In this 30-minute consultation, discover our process and why Fire Media Group is ideal for your growth. We'll also discuss your goals to create a tailored marketing plan.

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